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You have reached AutoWebadas, at These are pages written in Spanish, which are about R/C scale car racing in Spain. So initially, may be your interest in them, if you don't know spanish, is close to zero. Let's try it not to be so.

In R/C scale car racing you drive radio controlled cars, no matter your age, in scales ranging from 1/12 (length about a foot) to 1/4 (length about a meter), weight from 1 Kg to 12 Kg, speed up to 130 Km/h (80 mph), driven by an electric motor (fed in the past by NiCd or NiMH rechargeable batteries and now Lipo batteries) or an internal combustion engine (fed with methanol in 2.5 to 3.5 cc engines, or with gasoline in 25 cc engines). Local, regional, national and international races are celebrated all around the world, usually timed with a computer with transponders inside the car, as real F1 or motorcycles races seen in TV. You can drive cars in real car races, without risk for yourself, and without your pocket being emptied.

The home page of this pages is here.

You can find useful freeware programs for R/C racing here. Some include documentation in english.

There are a lot of tips and tricks for R/C car racing here (spanish). This page is being translated to english; you can find the translation here.

If you want to see some real R/C car laps in RealVideo, look here. You will see sequences from real car races. You will see real 1/4 motorcycles with 3.5 cc methanol powered engines in action. You need the RealAudio Player G2, free at RealAudio.

If you look at the pages with RealVideo scenes, you can also find Bill Gates creamed in his face! Didn't he want all the pie?

If you want to look at results in european and world championships, look here. See that there are a lot of historic results missing, so it will be appreciated if anyone having some past historic results may send them for inclusion to

In Spain there are a few manufacturers, who also export their products. May be they will in the future sponsor these pages; if so we will include descriptions in english about them and their products, so you may look here from time to time. Or perhaps, some of the information provided by the sponsors you see at the right is in english.

If you ever come to Spain to race, may be you want help to locate a track. Visit You can locate there many circuits in the worldwide world through their GPS coordinates (longitude and latitude).

Go here to get a free lap and incident counter, distributed as 'raceware'.

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